Make Changes In Your Daily Life To Make The World A Little Greener

The terms like “green fuel”, “renewable energy” might sound scientific and technical and we might dismiss such ventures as restricted to industries and investors alone. However, just as charity begins at home, so does the eco friendly initiatives. One needs to start such initiatives from their home and educate their children who would be the future generation looking into the problems of the planet. For any venture to be global it has to start from a small scale. Thus, when eco friendliness or concern for the environment is ingrained in ourselves and in our daily habits, these get translated to savings in terms of cost and energy and that in turn affects the whole society and the planet as the effects build up. If one considers the daily routine that one follows, there are ample opportunities to save the planet at every step.

Eco Friendly Toilet Habits

  • When you wake up in the morning and take up the toothbrush, ensure that you turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.
  • Saving drops of water is equivalent to saving electricity which can help to save electrical energy.
  • When taking bath, it is better to use shower settings that ensure that you do not waste water and the usage of water is to the minimum.
  • Cleaning of toilets and tiles can be done with natural home made cleansing mixtures like vinegar and water, baking soda and water which can help to remove stains as easily as harmful acids and disinfectants can.


Eco Friendly Kitchen Habits

In the kitchen there are many ways to save the planet.

  • Did you know that if you buy fruits and vegetables from the local farmer’s market, you help to save fuel costs as compared to buying products that are imported from other places?
  • Not only will one have fresher food items on the table, they will be encouraging the local farmers and their produce.
  • Following a wholesome diet consisting of fruits and vegetables and less of preserved meat and similar products are not only nutritious and healthy, it also reduces the cost of food processing and the impact that it puts on the food chain.

Eco Friendly Travel
The way you travel to work or to other places is another great opportunity to save costs, energy and other adverse environmental impact. Walking to one’s office or taking the public transport will not only keep you healthy and reduce your transport costs, it also reduces the energy cost and the consumption of fuel. If one travels by car, ensuring proper servicing of the car will ensure that fuel efficiency is heightened. Keeping the windows down and enjoying the fresh air will also reduce energy consumption.

Eco Friendly General Habits
There are many other ways that your daily lifestyle can affect the environment in a positive manner. One can opt to recycle the plastic bags they use. They can even reduce the use and wastage of paper. Reducing wastage of electricity, water are ways in which one can impact the environment in a positive way.

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