Jobs In The Renewable Energy Sector

Quest For Renewable Energy
Today there are widespread concerns that the resources which are limited like oil, coal and natural gas need to be replaced by energy sources that are renewable. Such a movement has gained momentum worldwide. Renewable energy is being focused upon since it is a form of energy that occurs naturally and can be replenished quickly. Such kinds of energy are those which are derived from the sun or the wind and even the ocean tides or the biomass, geothermal heat, water, trees and other forms of vegetation. There are many kinds of jobs that are developing in the arena as more green and renewable energy sources are being explored and made commercially viable.

Need For Renewable Energy Jobs
There are certain characteristics about renewable energy jobs in such sectors:

  • These tend to require special training as the technology used in such sectors are unique and need special skills
  • Examples of jobs in the renewable energy sector are solar energy companies inducting photovoltaic engineers as well as technicians or civil and electrical engineers as well. Even wind power is a growing field that has unique job opportunities to offer
  • Countries like Denmark, Canada, India, New Zealand, Japan, China and others are into the generation of wind power.
  • Such form of energy generation companies needs to take up aerodynamic design engineers and electrical engineers as well

Thus, there is a new trend in jobs in these sectors as per the demand of the kind of technology and processes that are involved.

Production Of Biodiesel
One might see the production of biofuel as another growing sector of renewable energy source. It has opened up additional opportunities. There are gases as well as liquids that are created from biomass. These include bio waste from plants and animals as well as from municipal waste. Research is being introduced on the different varieties of biomass sources. The current types of biofuels that are produced are ethanol and biodiesel.

  • Biodiesel is produced by breaking down of fats and oils which is achieved through a process of transesterfication.
  • Here biodiesel is mixed with petroleum in order to create a blended product that is used in diesel engines.
  • Rapeseed oil or canola oil is used in Germany as a biodiesel.
  • The US is using soybean in order to produce biodiesel while other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are using palm oil as a source of biodiesel.

Production Of Biofuel
When it comes to green biofuel, the main source is municipal waste. Here Japan is a leader and has been successful in converting the waste to usable energy. There is the added benefit of reducing the need to create further waste disposal accumulation grounds. The conversion of municipal waste to biofuel has also led to increase in demand for jobs of chemists, lab technicians and a variety of specialty engineers. There are traditional jobs as well but new roles are also emerging in these new age fuel companies.

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