How Biomass Energy Can Fulfill Your Green Energy Needs?

Every living thing has energy within them. When they are dead and decaying, this energy will be released back into the nature. It is possible to collect this energy contained in living matter and convert into a useable form of energy. The biomass refers to organic wastes which comprises of wastes from mills and factories, agricultural waste, livestock waste, aquatic weeds, waste generated from residential areas etc. this form of green energy can help you save money on your energy bills, to make environment pollution free  and it reduces the dependency of a country for oil and petroleum products.

Continuous Source Of Energy
Biomass is a continuous source of alternative energy as the energy can be produced from a variety of materials like the waste from paper and pulp mills, agricultural waste, animal excreta, municipal waste, fast growing plants and trees, from water hyacinths etc. you don’t have to look for the availability of wind and sunlight to produce energy.  Industries can use the waste produced by their activities or can get access it at much lower costs than oil or coal.
Companies would be able to save large amount of money on their energy costs, if they start using the biomass energy.
BioMass Energy

Low Installation Charges

  • There is no need for the installation of costly wind turbines or solar panels to harness the biomass energy.
  • It is possible to generate the gas from decaying biomass without spending much money.
  • The maintenance of the gas plant is very easy and affordable compared to the expenses needed for harnessing wind and solar energy.
  •  There are many tax incentives available to industries using green sources of energy. This will help you to save more money while you use the waste to generate energy.

Preventing Atmospheric Pollution

Use of biomass energy is considered as safe and green as they are non-polluting. No poisonous gases are released in to the atmosphere while producing or using the biomass energy. It also reduces the pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels. when enough biomass is available there is no need to burn the fossil fuels which pollutes the atmosphere. It is possible to considerably reduce the use of petroleum products and coal if biomass energy is available. If all the countries in the world start using greener sources of energy, then the chances of global warming and climatic changes will be reduced considerably.

Preventing Land Pollution

The important method of solid waste disposal was landfills. When the wastes are used tom produce energy then there will be very little amount of solid wastes remaining to be buried. This will reduce the chances of land pollution. Unscrupulous waste disposal can result in the spread of epidemics. The slurry after the energy production can be used as fertilizers for crops. So, the waste accumulation gets considerably reduced. It is possible to process the biomass and transport it in to the needed areas to produce different forms of energy like gas for cooking purpose, biomass pellets etc.

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