Green Fuel – Making Biodiesel Out Of Used Cooking Oil

Cooking Oil To Fuel
This is something that many thought would not be possible and if you had said to people that one day you will be able to use your used cooking oil that you normally dispose off to make diesel to power your car, they would have directed you to a mental asylum. But we are never sure about what can happen and how people can use stuff that is usually thrown out as waste into something that is useful thanks to the ever increasing knowledge and stress on recycling.

Cooking oil is something that we take for granted one its use if over and we tend it dispose of it and reach out for new oil to continue our cooking. But now people have started to store the used cooking oil as they have found another use for it and it is something that will help them save a lot of money on fuel. So from a substance that is used to fry foods and to be used in cooking to something that will power vehicles, the journey of cooking oil from cooking to a source of fuel is remarkable.

The Process
The process is not a simple one and it will need some equipment and some chemicals to get it done. A simple version of the process is described below

  • The used cooking oil is collected and is prepared for the conversion by putting it through a filtration process to remove the food particles from the oil. Also check the pH value of the oil before you start the conversion process
  • The oil is then dried by heating it to temperate over 210 degrees
  • Next step is to titrate the oil by using the right amount of catalyst which can be determined using the pH value of the oil that you had measured before the process
  • The catalyst used is (NaOH) and it is mixed with ethanol or methanol to form Methoxide
  • Methoxide is then mixed with the oil for about 2 hours and is allowed to settle down for about 24 hours.
  • The glycerin will settle at the bottom and you can pump the biodiesel into a water wash tank and then let it settle once again.
  • After a day you can then transfer the washed biodiesel to the storage container and let it dry out. Propane can also be used to speed the drying process

Waste Oil Biodiesel

Equipments Needed For Making Biodiesel
There are a few equipments that you will require to make biodiesel from cooking oil and some of the commonly used equipments are :-

  • Oil collection Tank
  • Standpipe wash tank
  • Methoxide mixer
  • Mixing tank or reactor tank
  • Titration kits
  • Scales for biodiesel
  • Dixie cups scale

Biodiesel Making Kits
There are many biodiesel making kits that are now available in the market that can be used to make biodiesel. These kits come in various sizes and can help you make biodiesel and can help you to make from a few liters to a few gallons easily. If you are interested in trying out the biodiesel making process then you can get online or rush to an equipment store to get a biodiesel making kit for yourself and try put eh process.

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