Going Green – Legal Implications, Green Power Partnership and Initiatives

How To Go Green

Nowadays going green has various aspects. Not only do we, as individuals need to think green, but so does the government, the businesses as well as international organizations. While we need to think of saving electricity, gas, water and reducing waste, organizations need to make them more energy efficient, depend on renewable energy resources and produce or manufacture through methods that will help to reduce harm to the environment and educating the public in using products and services that are Eco friendly. The government has to take the initiative of introducing tax levies and other initiatives that will encourage green businesses to come up more and more. Green laws also need to be focused upon. Thus, the green world has several aspects and the approach to it has to be more comprehensive.

Legal Implications
From the legal aspect the environment needs to be protected by several legal statutes and laws. Thu, the green legal profession is quite comprehensive. There are many aspects that need the protection of the law in order to enforce businesses and organizations to function in a way that makes them more responsible in an environmental way. The environmental protection agency offers guidelines as well as tips on how to conserve different resources. Its emphasis on reducing waste as well as committed to help reduce, reuse and recycle things at homes, in offices and even at community levels.


Different Programs To Help One Go Green

Nowadays there are many bodies that help organizations take up programs to reduce wastes and energy usage in a structured manner. There are programs that have specialists who can provide tips for offices in order to implement the best practices and even calculate the effects of how a business has saved on its carbon footprints. Today energy credits are available for purchase by companies that take up green initiatives.

Different EPA Initiatives

Among the various programs these are some of them:

  • Green power partnership with the EPA – the Green Power Partnership program of EPA is a revolutionary program that is designed to help support organizations who seek to take up green power. The program offers expert advice as well as technical support, resources and consultation on how to go about implementing such a system. Organizations can avail of this program to lower the costs of buying green power. They can learn how to reduce their carbon footprint and how to communicate the same management, employees and other stakeholders. Today the purchase of green power is seen as the most effective ways of improving one’s performance in the arena of environmental standards.
  • Energy Star is another program that helps businesses as well as individuals to ensure that their devices, products and services are energy efficient by issuing certificates and ensuring compliance to such standards
  • The Global Green Energy Consortium is another nonprofit organization that has been found to help improve the ability of businesses in ensuring that they increase the positive impact on the environment and reduce their consumption of resources as well as energy.
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