Going Green In Society

What We Mean By “Green”

There is a lot of talk about going “green”. But do we understand what we mean by that? What are the different areas where the concept of being “green” is being given special significance? In order to make the world a greener place, there is need to have a more comprehensive approach towards everything in life – from encouraging farmers to grow crops that are organic and free from pesticides to taking up green legislation in order to ensure that organizations and enterprises are functioning the green way. Indeed, in such ways, one can find diverse interpretations for the concept of going “green”.

For Individuals
When we talk about going green, we need to take a close look at the things that are in our hands and how we can make changes in small ways:

  • Saving electricity by switching off plug points when not in use
  • Reducing use of water
  • Using less plastic and recycling different items round the house
  • Opting for local fresh produce from the market
  • Opting to walk than drive the car

In such ways one can take small steps in their everyday lives to ensure that they help to inculcate the concept of staying “green” in their homes and in the minds of the little ones.


For Businesses
The main culprits who are accused of having increased the greenhouse gas emissions in this world are the business or the industries. Thus, this section of society has to take the most severe steps in order to reduce the pollutions that they cause to the environment. There are more complexities involved here from the point of view of changing operations, processes as well as abiding by new regulations to reduce waste, pollution and contribute to a greener environment.

  • Businesses need to reduce the carbon footprint that is caused by their operation
  • They need to take steps to reduce usage of natural resources
  • Reduce energy utilization
  • Promote the usage of alternative energy sources

For businesses there are legislation that have come up in the so called “carbon markets”. In such markets one can buy carbon credits for reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. They can use these credits to purchase alternative energy sources. They need to abide by regulations in manufacturing as well as in production to ensure that green products are produced.

For Governments And Legal Entities
It is not easy to implement green initiatives in society as well as on an international scale. Thus, governments need to introduce policies and legislation for the industries as well as markets in order to ensure that carbon emissions are under control, the carbon market is controlled and green companies are encouraged. There is much work to be done in the sphere of green lawn which has a role to play in every aspect in society – from guiding businesses in establishing laws for green constructions and so forth. Thus, the society has to do a lot of work to make the environment sustainable for the future generations.

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