Applying Solar Energy For The Benefit Of Mankind

Why Is Solar Energy Much Popular?

Among the various kinds of renewable energy sources, solar energy holds a primordial position. Hence, we will be contributing a meaningful discussion about the future of this renewable energy source in the rest of the sections. Contrary to popular misconceptions, solar energy has already become a part of our lifestyle in various ways. For instance, we now have access to solar cookers, solar lights and even solar mobile battery chargers. It is only a matter of time for us to start relying entirely on solar energy to power the energy guzzling amenities present inside our homes as well as offices.

The Advantages Of Using Solar Energy

Some of the advantages of using solar energy include

  • It is a clean source of energy
  • It is safer in comparison to the other forms of renewable energy sources
  • It is much more sustainable because it relies entirely on the Sun

The effects of burning various kinds of fossil fuels are self-explanatory. The combustion process produces various kinds of harmful byproducts, which will only help in accelerating elements such as global warming. We are already experiencing the ill effects of global warming with the ever-rising sea levels and the instances of various kinds of environmental calamities. Why should we rely upon solar energy? Ever since the prehistoric eras, humankind has attributed special importance to the Sun. The Sun has been glowing for many millions of years and is expected to do so for the coming periods. In other words, there is no danger of it being exhausted within a short frame of time. The conventional way to access solar energy is to use solar panels. However, the efficiencies of these solar panels are very low. Research is already taking place in probable methods with the help of which we can augment the usefulness of the existing solar panels.


Practical Examples Of The Application Of Solar Energy

It has become quite common for multinational companies to rely on solar energy to power their infrastructure. For instance, the search engine major Google has access to solar panels as well as wind turbines across long distances – the power collected from these two sources is used for powering the server clusters. At the same time, various world governments also realize the importance of harnessing renewable sources of energy. They are already providing additional funds to companies that do research on renewable energy sources. In the US, you might come across renewable energy credits given to those power companies that generate energy using renewable sources.

Other Innovations Using Solar Energy

Various kinds of technical advancements are occurring in the solar industry too. One best example is the concentrating solar power technology. Some of the advantages of this particular technology include

  • Heating up water be concentrating sunlight into it
  • Generating steam by heating the water which can be concentrated on suitable turbines to generate additional power

There are various other technical innovations in place when we consider solar energy. These days, it is quite common to come across streetlamps that operate on solar energy. The solar energy produced is converted into electricity and stored in batteries to power the streetlights during the night.

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